A classic denim dress will never go out of style and it is a timeless wardrobe essential.Just like a black blazer or a trench coat, a denim dress has proved to be a classic because it never goes out of style. I personally love investing in clothes that i can wear over and over again without getting bored of the style. i always consider the longevity of what i buy and the questions to ask yourself are : 

Is this something i can wear a lot

Can i style it in several different ways 

Do i really love what i am buying 

if its a yes for all these questions you are buying something that will have staying power in your wardrobe. 


My favourite denim dresses are the ones with a belt around the waist , which tends to gives it a more fitted and structured appearance. Denim is so versatile, and is probably the easiest addition to a daytime wardrobe. I styled this dress with faux snake print boots and a red lip for a subtle pop of colour.