Despite the many advances in skincare, cruelty towards animals still continues in the beauty and cosmetic industry. Non-organic skincare products have parables, sulphates, mineral oil, petroleum and synthetic colours that have been proved to cause high levels of toxins in our body and some have even proved to cause Cancer. These chemicals can block your pores, cause acne and skin allergies too.

So what can we do to stop these innocent animals suffering and making sure these chemicals don’t get into our bodies? We have to be more conscious of what beauty products and cosmetics we buy. Always look for the cruelty free ‘ Bunny’ logo or look for the words ‘not tested on animals’ on the back of beauty products. Do some research about the companies that do not test on animals and buy within these brands. A lot of people do not think twice about what they buy but the reality is cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, mice and fish are tortured everyday because of our choices. Test products are either ingested or applied and if the animals don’t die during the tests they are put down after. The tests leave them blind, or with severe internal and external burns. These animals cannot defend themselves and have no choice but to endure these painful experiments. It really breaks my heart that this still exists. if everyone only used cruelty free products it would put an end to innocent animals being killed. It is in each one of us to make a difference and once you use organic skincare and see how beautiful your skin feels you will never want to use brands that are full of harsh chemicals and cruelty.

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I love and support organic skincare, and I will only ever buy from brands that love and respect animals. Here are my favourite organic skin products and why I love them so much. REN has been my favourite skincare for years. I love their ‘ clean skincare’ approach and how they combine effective anti-ageing technology that is free of petrochemicals. I LOVE the Keep Young And Beautiful firming and smoothing serum and eye cream. These two products feel beautiful and luxurious on the skin and you can really see the difference when you wake up in the morning. My skin feels younger and firm, and my under eye area looks well rested and bright. I love the lip balm too because it keeps my lips hydrated and super soft. I keep one lip balm in my office table and one in my bag so i always have it with me. You have to try these products and see for yourself, they are truly amazing!



Pai has been a brand I recently came across while i was grocery shopping at As nature Intended organic shop. I always go to buy fruit and vegetables and spend another hour at the skin care section until my sister says we must leave…what can i say I love browsing and learning about new brands! I have heard so many amazing things about the anti- ageing benefits of Rosehip oil so I had to buy this one by Pai. You have to buy this product because it feels like you have new skin in the morning. I use 2-3 drops to damp skin after cleansing my face and firmly press in the oil. I also use a small drop under my eyes and it has helped in reducing my dark circles. You skin looks younger and brighter after regular use of this face oil. If your skin is naturally oily use this once or twice a week.

Another amazing product is the Divine face Oil by Antipodes. This has Rosehip and Avocado oil. This is perfect for tired skin and is full of antioxidants. Avocado oil boosts collagen in the skin and helps reduce the appearance of lines and scars. I use this every other night so my skin can absorb all the nutrients while I sleep. This is another product I would highly recommend using. Natural oils are the best way to preserve the glow of young skin and after constant use it will slow down the ageing process.

I hope this Blog post made everyone take a look at the products they are currently using and do some research about them. Please start buying Cruelty Free and organic and help save animals from a life of constant lab tests, so they can be free and have a loving life. Our actions do make a difference and we must spread awareness!

I had to cancel my photoshoot today because of the rain but I have an amazing look planned for this week which I will share with you in a few days. Lots of love to all of you and thanks for reading.