When you look at a butterfly you can see that change is a beautiful thing. You can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful. I have made some changes to my routine recently that have really transformed my life.

Making a TO DO list every morning

This has really helped me organise my time better and make the most of my day. I put the most important task on top of my list followed by the rest. This is a great discipline to have everyday and I wish I had started earlier. This way I never fall behind on my blog and work. it is definitely worth adding to your daily routine,

Embracing my inner child and life purpose

Do you remember what you loved to do as a kid before anyone told you what or who you should be ? For me it was painting, helping animals, being creative and travelling. I embraced all of this and my life has completely changed. Love and blossoms foundation was established early this year and it offers painting classes for kids and helps feed the stray dogs in Delhi, India. This really connected me to my true self and purpose in life. There is so much fulfilment in being true to yourself. I have travelled to India, Dubai and Bali this year and it has been a beautiful experience. I have helped dogs in every place that I’ve visited and just being of service and making a difference has filled my heart with so much love. Collecting these moments has made me love and appreciate life so much more.

Practicing self love everyday

If you do not love yourself and believe you are worthy of amazing things you will never make your dreams come true. Self love is where it all starts and i look in the mirror every single day and say these affirmations to remind myself and fill myself up with only beautiful and uplifting thoughts about myself :

I radiate beauty and power

I love myself unconditionally

i am capable of amazing things

I am the best

Saying these powerful words have really shifted my old thinking patterns about myself. Try these three life changing tips and tell me what you think!


Sruti xoxo