Who needs one vegan bag when you can have three? Yes you heard right, The Morphbag is a one of a kind design concept and I can’t wait to tell you all about this beautiful and innovative brand for vegan, sustainable and ethical bags. Being a woman that has her own online business, I have a lot of things I carry with me; from my laptop to some healthy snacks, make up, keys and other essentials that don’t always fit into one bag. I’m sure you can relate to this completely! When I met Giovanna, the founder of The Morphbag, I was so amazed that a brand has finally found a stylish solution to this problem that every single woman can relate to. She is so lovely and I love how passionate she is about her brand. By creating The Morphbag, Giovanna has revolutionised the concept of 3 bags sold as a set. She created The Morphbag to take the busy woman-on-the-go from day to night and from work to leisure. When you shop from their online store, you will buy three bags as a set and I’m going to explain to you why these bags are going to be an essential in your wardrobe. What’s really amazing about these bags is that they also fit inside one another. It’s such a unique concept to create three bags as a set, and I’m in love with their designs and how perfectly each bags fits into my day.



So the question everyone seems to ask is; why should you choose to buy and wear bags that are ethical, vegan and sustainable? If you are not already aware, the leather industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and global warming. Did you know that cattle farming is by far the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions in livestock farming, representing over 60% of associated emissions? To help our planet you can make a conscious choice and be aware of what you buy. It’s not just our consumption habits that cause the planet to suffer, but fashion is a HUGE contributor as well. Change begins with just one person making a choice to do something differently and this inspires so many others to do the same. A more sustainable and compassionate  world starts with YOU! It’s all about evolving and understanding that our choices have an impact on the people, the animals, and also the planet. 

The Morphbag is an amazing brand because they have thought about all of these factors before creating their beautiful bags. By supporting them, you become a part of the change towards a better world. This is just one of the many reasons I love The Morphbag and what the brand stands for. 



The Morphbag comes as a set of three bags; a reversible tote, a cross-body bag and a clutch. This brand is inspired by the everyday woman’s need for practicality and style. So what is so special about these three bags? They fit every need perfectly. 

  • THE REVERSIBLE MAXI TOTE- This is the perfect bag to fit your laptop and work essentials in. You will never need to worry about being able to fit all your work essentials in one bag ever again when you use one of these beauties! The space inside the bag allows you to fit any extras you might have. I also use this bag at the gym sometimes because it’s so roomy. I also love the minimal style of the bag, it’s perfect and timeless design means you can use it over and over again without needing to buy another everyday bag. You can reverse it to the brighter colour or use it as your extra bag when you travel. An invisible magnet feature allows convenient and secure closure for this bag, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out.This bag is a must have and the ways in which you can use it are endless
  • The Cross body: This bag is the best companion on your shopping trips, for everyday use or when you are travelling. I love taking it to the grocery shops! It is also perfect for travelling or anywhere you need to be hands free. This is a bag I literally use all the time because it’s just so perfect! It fits my wallet, keys, make up and even my hair brush. The straps have a 60cm drop when fully extended and the bag itself is wide enough to fit an Ipad air tablet. It’s also perfect for lunch, dinners or meetings and the design is so chic. I love the minimalist style of the crossbody bag as it can be worn with absolutely anything from jeans to a dress.

  • The Clutch: I love using this to carry my essentials in the evening when I have dinner to go to or somewhere after I have finished my work for the day. There is a secure inside zip to hold your bank cards and it fits my lip balm, concealer and little mirror to check my make up. It’s the perfect, compact size to carry on an evening out. This gorgeous clutch has a simplistic design that goes with any outfit. I love the wrist strap design feature as it makes it so easy to carry this beauty fo clutch. This is not just a clutch to use when you are going out, but it can also be used as a wallet.

Do you see how easy and effortless it is to transition from day to night with The Morphbag. If you have these three essential bags, you will be able to move through the day with ease and style. These bags will have you covered from work to the gym, grocery  shopping to travel; you can take these bags anywhere and everywhere and they will make your day to night routine stress free and so easy. If this wasn’t impressive enough, these bags come in a array of gorgeous colours. I chose the colour – Deep Sea & Cloud because I absolutely fell in love with the deep navy blue and the grey colour combination together. As you can see in the images these colours are absolutely beautiful together. These stunning bags also come in these gorgeous colours combinations; ONYX & ROSE GOLD, BLACKBERRY & CURRANT, CHOCOLATE & PRALINES, BLACK FOREST GREEN & METALLIC MUSHROOM, CHOCOLATE & PRALINES, GREEN PEPPER & MUSTARD.

I LOVE THE MORPHBAG, and since using their gorgeous bags I am able to move through my day stress free and effortlessly. I couldn’t recommend their bags more, and I promise you will be so in love with how these bags will transform your daily routine. For any queries and help regarding the product or your order, please contact them either on help@themorphbag.london.