I am so happy to collaborate with @peta on the fur free Britain campaign because it brings us into awareness of how cruel the fur industry is and why we should never buy it. This campaign calls for the import of fur to be banned in the U.K. By wearing the badge and the tote I am taking a stand against animal abuse. Here are some facts about Fur :

1. Animals are skinned alive for fur. They are fully conscious and feel the pain of having their fur removed from their body. Dogs, foxes, Mink, rabbits, racoons, seals, chinchillas are just a few of the animals that are used in the fur industry.2. Fur contributes to animal abuse and exploitation.
3. Toxic chemicals are used to treat the fur of an animal. The fur industry is now ranked as one of the world’s five worst industries for toxic-metal pollution. This is very harmful for our planet
Please go on the Fur Free Britain petition page : https://secure.peta.org.uk/page/27377/petition/1 to learn more

I am voice for the voiceless because it is what is in my heart. I live my life with love and compassion and everything from what I eat and wear, and the products I use are vegan. The change starts from you. Please refrain from wearing animal skin because they need their skin.