Today is a another amazing day! I am finally starting to offer personalised meal plans and fitness programs after so many people constantly asked me to start doing it. I made this delicious and simple post workout meal today and wanted to share the recipe with all of you. So enjoy it and please try it because it is so YUM!

Recipe type: Salad, Side Dish, Vegetarian, Vegan, Contains nuts


For the falafel
1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes
2 garlic cloves, chopped
2 tsp ground coriander
handful coriander leaves, chopped
juice ½ lemon
100g plain or gram flour
1 tbsp olive oil

For the salad
2 large carrots
½ Beetroot
Handful of walnuts
Handful of dried apricots
One spring onion
½ Red chilli


Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Boil sweet potatoes for 8-10 mins until tender. Leave to cool a little, then peel. Put the potato, cumin, garlic, ground and fresh coriander, lemon juice and flour into a large bowl. Season, then mash until smooth. Using a tablespoon, shape mix and into balls. Put on an oiled baking sheet, bake for around 15 mins until the bases are golden brown, then flip over and bake for 15 mins more until brown all over.

The carrots and beetroot have to be grated into long, thin strips (as shown above). Add the spinach leaves, dried apricots, chopped spring onion and chillies. To finish add some walnuts and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the salad. Add salt to taste. Serve fresh with the falafel for a delicious and healthy post workout meal that will fill you with energy and happiness.

Have a beautiful day!