I always start my day with this fresh green juice and want to share the recipe with all of you ! I drink this first thing in the morning before a workout. I would recommend that you buy all your fruits and vegetables from an organic shop when making juices so that it is free of preservatives and chemicals.

I drink this on an empty stomach before breakfast so my body can absorb all the nutrients easily. It makes me feel so good and full of energy ready to start the day. This juice is rich in nutrients and it cleanses the blood, liver, digestive tract, and kidneys. It provides support for all major organs of the body, and will keep your skin looking beautiful. Try this instead of coffee or tea first thing in the morning.


Half a cucumber

Two kiwis

One Green Apple (can also use pineapple)

One celery stick

Three handfuls of spinach

Three handfuls of kale

Three handfuls of Broccoli