I am always really blown away by unique brands that have something beautiful to offer in terms of style and design. SPIRITOLOGIE is a BEAUTIFUL brand that is vegan and zero waste, and they design gorgeous, one of a kind clutch bags. I haven’t seen any bags that have so much character and style, and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. 



Jasmin Brar, The founder of SPIRITOLOGIE studied and worked in the luxury fashion industry before creating her beautiful brand. If you are not already aware, almost all luxury fashion label’s don’t think about the effects they have on the planet, the people that create their designs or the animals. When Jasmin saw the unethical and unsustainable ways in which designs were produced, and how it was all about making a profit, she decided to start SPIRITOLOGIE. I love it when women take a stand and want to create change in our world, and I really admire her for creating such a unique brand. I also love that she believes in compassionate fashion that is creating change in the world, by inspiring others to buy ethical, sustainable and vegan fashion. 


What really captures me about these one of a kind bags are the design itself; how gorgeous is the Pale Pink and White Agave Bag in the pictures? The details are just STUNNING! It reminds me of  being in the sunshine and surrounded by beautiful culture. Can you guess which beautiful city inspired these designs? The design of the bags came about because Jasmin fell in love with Morocco and the Moroccan culture. 

On one of her many visits to the medina, which is a traditional marketplace full of beautiful finds and hand made items, she was mesmerised by a warehouse full of colorful cushions. This inspired a desire in her to show the world the tradition and craftsmanship in these handmade items. The bags themselves are made from pre-loved cushions that are from hat are found in Moroccan homes and no longer wanted. Isn’t the story behind the bags so beautiful? This is how SPIRITOLOGIE was born. Her vision for the brand was to create something beautiful, unique and full of character. Everytime she carries her bags, she gets asked where it was made. 

So how do the cushions get collected from homes in Morocco to be made into these gorgeous clutch bags? They are collected by people in the community and sold at the local markets as a source of income. This creates lasting relationships and also forms new relationships between the brand and the incredible people in Morocco. These are then taken to the medina in Marrakech and sewn by local women into bags. 

The Pom Pom design detail on the bags are made using recycled cotton taken from old t-shirts and jeans. 


The Pale Pink + White Agave Bag

I love the colour pink, I actually love all bright and happy colours! I couldn’t wait to receive the Pale Pink and White Agave Bag because I had never seen a bag so vibrant and unique. It was so refreshing to see the design details and gorgeous colours come together to create this beautiful design. This bag is perfect not just because of how beautifully designed it is, but it’s also zero waste, and vegan. My love for the animals, our planet and people is the inspiration behind everything I write and create for my blog, and I was so happy to team up with SPIRITOLOGIE, so that others could know about this AMAZING, one of a kind brand. 


You can add a gorgeous crystal on the back of the bag. The options you can choose from are; Citrine, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz or Amethyst. This can be added free of charge during the month of December. As you can see I added a clear quartz to my bag because I love this particular crystal. Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. My Agave bag also has my initials; SS on the back of the bag, which is a great way to customise my bag. Isn’t the idea of adding a crystal and initials so amazing? It really adds so much to an already beautiful and unique bag. 

I hope you loved this brand as much as I do! You can see more on their Website and Instagram. By supporting brands like SPIRITOLOGIE, you are contributing to a better world. Every person that chooses to shop sustainably is a part of the change and slowly the change is getting bigger and more powerful in the world. 

Thank you to my reader and followers who are consciously choosing compassionate fashion and I hope the story behind SPIRITOLOGIE inspired you just as much as it inspired me.