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There is something so magical about Paris and when I was walking around the streets everything around me was so beautiful. The pretty roadside cafes, the vendors selling flowers and the pretty balconies. I stayed at the Shangri-La Hotel and the room was a dream! I could see the Eiffel Tower from my bed. I spent forever looking out the window and admiring the view. On my first afternoon there it was raining so much and I ended up spending some time at a cafe then back to the hotel for the evening.

The following day I woke up early to go to the Eiffel tower to get some pictures before it got busy with tourists. I was overwhelmed by the people there, mostly couples and it seemed that love was all around me. Everyone wanted to get a picture of the Tour Eiffel and it got me thinking why the city  has become a symbol of Love. I thought about it and i think it is something you feel when you are in Paris. The pretty streets, the architecture, the light show at night, everything makes you feel ‘Love’.

Later in the day I went to The Chateau De Versailles and it had the most beautiful French Architecture and painted ceilings I have ever seen. I love how there was so much art and history in one place. I felt so inspired and happy to be there. 

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