Who we are

Love and blossoms foundation is inspired by my love for animals and the desire to make a difference in our world.

Our story

During my visit to India, I met amazing kids who weren’t fortunate enough and rarely get the chance to express themselves or their creativity, and many stray dogs that really needed help.

It broke my heart to see these amazing beings and know that their future is uncertain, and I was inspired to make a change and start this foundation.

Making a difference has been a dream of mine since i was a kid, and starting my foundation is a dream come true for me.

Our mission

We believe that small things can make a huge difference. And that’s why…

+ We provide painting and english classes and allow kids to create and express themselves while providing a positive space where they can escape from their day to day lives.

+ We love animals, and that’s why we take care of stray dogs in Delhi and provide them with food and water.

“Be the change- Make a difference”

Sruti S Raman

Founder, Love and Blossoms