I recently came across a very special vegan, ethical and sustainable bag and accessory brand whose ethos connected so deeply to my heart – JENAH ST 

The brand’s motto is Follow the arrow. It is printed inside each bag and it is inspired by the dreams and goals each of us have. It is a little reminder for you to stay focused on what makes you thrive, to follow your dreams and vision. I am a huge believer in following my heart and doing what I love, and this message made me fall even more in love with JENAH ST. It is so positive, uplifting and powerful to carry a bag that has such a beautiful message printed inside! Don’t you think so?

Behind the brand 

Jena is the founder and Creative Director of JENAH ST. She finds her inspiration from travelling the world and is  “in constant search for inspiration & magic”. She has lived in many different countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar & Pakistan where she worked as a Regional Fashion Creative Director for an e-commerce giant. Jena came back to Europe to build a brand following her own rules & values.

The French designer is currently based in Berlin where she designs the bags and accessories for her brand. I love women that have their own dreams, and Jena is someone I really admire because of her vision and creativity. She is the mastermind behind JENAH ST and it is so incredible to see what a beautiful brand she has built. 


The Pouch Bag in Dark Blue 


When I first laid eyes on The Pouch Bag in Dark Blue, I fell in love with the gorgeous shade of deep dark blue. The shape reminded me of a beauty case, but wider and more spacious : the perfect size to fit all your essentials. The brushed gold hardware is so stunning because it has a ‘ used ‘ look to it. They are made of a reusable Zamak and finished with a light gold brushed taint that gives this beautiful look. 

I love how compact the bag is and that you can wear it as a cross body bag. The detachable strap, with its light brushed gold snap hooks, can be adjusted to your liking and worn hooked on the lateral eyelets or through them on the inside. The Pouch bag is also available in alternative colours : Black and Light Blue.

Soft and beautiful to touch with exceptional quality 

If you thought vegan leather could not be soft to touch, think again. JENAH ST has the softest, most beautiful bags! The vegan leather is made of an Ecolabel certified PU and microfibers, with high technical performance (the Ecolabel is one of the strictest environment standard in the EU). This means all their bags are water and scratch resistant. The inner material is microfiber suede, which feels beautiful to touch, just like the outside of the bag. 

The bags are luxurious and made to the highest standards right outside of Florence, Italy. Known for quality and exceptional attention to detail, the Made in Italy standards make sure each and every bag produced is flawless. So how does this vegan alternative impact our planet ? It has half the impact on the environment than real leather. If you needed more reasons to LOVE this brand, I just gave you one more to add to the list! 


A special gift inside each bag 


When I said that JENAH ST has an ethos that really connects to my heart, there is a very special and beautiful gift you will recieve when you order a bag from them. With each order placed, you’ll receive a little heart keychain, handmade by a woman from Pakistan. These beautiful keychains are made by the women that are part of a Karachi based organisation called RLCC – Ra’ana Liaquat Craftsmen’s Colony. 

Its goal is to offer the women of its surroundings the opportunity to receive an education, healthcare and develop craftsmanship skills to become more financially independent. 

The key chains are handmade by women participating in this program in order to provide for their family. They can work from the RLCC facilities or from home if they need to take care of their children. RLCC is driven by passionate superwomen who dedicate their lives to others. In the picture on the left, you can see the Family Planning team surrounding Selwa Habib (in the center), who runs the organisation. These amazing women spend days sitting with women to educate them on family planning, children education, marital violence and hygiene. They also organise street walks to raise awareness about child abuse. They are speaking out but also listening and offering their help and advice to those in need. These women are powerful and true heroes in their community. 

Having lived in Pakistan for a year, Jenah St.’s founder decided to take action whenever possible. She met Selwa, talked with the women of RLCC and was convinced that at some point she would do something to contribute to the beautiful work they accomplish everyday. This touched my heart so deeply, not only is Jenah St an incredible brand with beautiful cruelty free designs, but they are helping these women in Pakistan and making the world a better place. 


I LOVE Jenah St 

To see the beautiful range of bags and accessories you can go to https://jenah-st.com/collections/all 

JENAH ST has so many different styles of bags. There is something for everyone and the choices are AMAZING. You can choose from mini bags, laptop bags, backpack shoppers, bucket bags and pouches. I am already planning which bag I will be buying from them next because the quality makes it the perfect investment. It is a classic, beautiful and gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. 

I hope you loved reading about this very special brand. What are your thoughts about The Dark Blue Pouch Bag ? If you have any questions about the bag you can get in touch and email JENAH ST on – hello@jenah-st.com and they will be happy to help you with any enquiries that you have.