When you choose to buy cruelty free and vegan perfumes, you are contributing to creating more love and compassion in the world. Animals do not deserve to suffer and be killed just to make perfume because their life has value and we have the power to change that with what we choose to buy. Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want to create. You might think, but I’m just one person, how can my choices affect the animals and the planet? Change starts with just one person and this inspires others to change too, that’s how much Power you have! 

What is Vegan Perfume 

In order to be classified as a vegan perfume it must be cruelty free, which means it’s not tested on animals. It must also be completely free of any animal derived ingredients. These are the two qualities that make perfume completely VEGAN. 

How do you make sure a perfume is cruelty free and Vegan 

The best way to ensure your perfume is cruelty free is to choose a product that clearly states on their packaging that it is vegan and cruelty-free. Please make sure the brand of perfume is registered as cruelty-free. You should also look at their ingredients list, where they should clearly state all the ingredients that are used to create the perfume. You can always get more information on their website or by emailing them for further clarification. Brands that are compassionate and creating a change for the animals and our planet are always happy to respond to your questions. 

When you email them you can clearly ask them if their brand is not just against animal testing but also completely vegan. You can also ask for clarification and make sure they are registered with a cruelty-free certifying organisation. This way you can be free of any doubts and be completely sure that the perfume you are buying is animal friendly. 

Here is a checklist that will ensure your perfume is Vegan and cruelty free 

  • When you buy perfume please make sure the brand does not sell in China. Even though a product is not tested on animals in the UK or the EU, if it’s sold in China, it has been tested on animals. Under Chinese law, all cosmetic products must get tested on animals. Companies offering you a vegan product in the UK or EU might also be selling in China. This means they are allowing their products to be tested on animals.
  • One sure thing to look for is the Vegan label or the Bunny symbol, that clearly states the perfume is vegan and cruelty free. Some brands also have the ‘ PETA Approved ‘ Vegan symbol.
  • Even if a perfume brand is cruelty-free, it may still not be Vegan because it might have animal derived ingredients in their perfumes. Many perfumes still contain ingredients such as beeswax or honey. Other animal derived ingredients include: Civet, Ambergris, Musk, Castoreum, Artificial Vanilla and Hyraceum. To be sure please check the ingredients list and make sure all the ingredients used are animal friendly. 



After trying a few vegan perfumes I found the perfect Vegan perfume by the gorgeous brand Clean Beauty Collective.  

All their fragrances smell beautiful. The one in the picture is the Scent called Skin which smells heavenly! The smell lingers on all my clothes and even my hair. It’s so fresh and beautiful on your skin. It is not just Vegan and cruelty free but also recyclable and non toxic. How amazing is that! 

I am wearing the Gorgeous Dress ILVESE by LOVJOI – a beautiful consious brand based in Germany. Vegan fashion is stunning isnt it? Im so obsessed with this dress!  


I hope this Blog Post inspires you to buy Vegan and cruelty free perfume and be part of the change to create a more compassionate world. 

* This Blog Post contains Gifted Items and Pr Samples