HEXA x Love & Blossoms:

Have you heard about this beautiful vegan shoe brand called HEXA? I am so excited to be writing about them because it is brands like these that are changing the future for vegan footwear. HEXA is showing the world that compassion is stylish and possible without the use of animal by-products. I am in love with everything they stand for and now I get to share it with all my beautiful readers and followers through my blog!

What is the story behind HEXA:

HEXA was born in Bangkok, Thailand by two incredible businesswomen: Sy and Lisa. They both have more than 20 years of combined experienced in making fashion footwear and bags. Their dream was to make timeless elegant comfortable shoes. I just love it when women come together to create something amazing. Don’t you just love girl power?!

What was the inspiration for creating HEXA:

Ladies, we all know how much our feet can hurt from heels. Imagine not having to feel that pain anymore! How incredible is that? If you have to be on your feet for long hours then HEXA has you covered. They set out to make sure all their shoes meet 5 criteria: comfortable, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, water-resistant, and cruelty-free. What makes me love them even more is their ethical and sustainable practices. You can read about it here.

What makes HEXA shoes so unique:

Sy & Lisa think that comfortable shoes don’t need to be clunky, orthopedic and boring. So, they came up with “Caress Construction”. It’s 7 layers of components inside each pair to make sure your feet will feel comfortable while looking stylish. Unlike traditional high heels, they are able to incorporate shock-absorbing sport-foam cushioning 360 degree in their shoes (Which is so rare to find in women’s shoes!)

Moreover, their heels are designed to be wide and sturdy to tackle any pavement crack or steel grating! (Think elevators or cobble-stoned streets.) With a good care, their shoes will last for years without falling apart.

Their vegan leather is the latest innovation in non-woven microfiber materials from Japan. It is solvent free, has low PU content and water-resistant! I think this is great because it makes the shoes durable while having a luxurious leather feel to it.

I recently got to wear two of their incredible shoes: The Fox heel and The Speedey Loafer. 

The beautiful heel ‘Fox’ is one of the most comfortable high heels I have ever tried on. I mean it’s literally a 4-inch heel that you can seriously walk and run in! (I’m not kidding you guys it’s seriously amazing) They consciously designed the front strap to be tapered and angled to hold your feet securely and comfortably. The beautiful color called Sahara is a gorgeous nude tone which compliments any color. Nude is a color that is timeless and elegant: this heel is a must-have in your cruelty-free wardrobe.

I have never worn a shoe in the style of the Speedey‘ loafer but I fell in love with them instantly. These cute loafers are stylish and the cutest when worn with a casual outfit! But I would also wear it with a day dress. How adorable is the sea horse on it: LOVE!

The first thing I thought when I wore them were how comfortable they are (as mentioned about their Caress Construction earlier) The heel also folds down so you can wear it like a mule. I love that it has a water-resistant canvas jute exterior. Here’s another fun fact: Jute grows without the use of fertilizers and pesticides.

You guys need a pair (or two!) of HEXA shoes and maybe even a few of their bags! I am literally so impressed with them.

How HEXA is making a difference in the world and for animals:

HEXA is one of the brands out there that proves that compassion and social responsibility can result in beautiful footwear. The brand speaks to women who want to contribute to a more sustainable world.

I love that HEXA cares about the earth in so many ways. They make sure that the production process minimizes water usage. The people who make the shoes are paid fairly and in good working conditions. All of their components, down to the glue, are animal-free so our furry friends are never harmed. This is so amazing because it connects so deeply to the love I have in my heart for all the animals and the earth.

Where can you buy HEXA:

HEXA is available in major department stores in Bangkok (Zen & Emporium). So, you can visit them if you ever get to Thailand. They are also in Soho, New York for anyone in the USA. I’d also highly recommend anyone to buy through their website www.hexabangkok.com It’s a 100% reliable and super fast! You can check them out at their Instagram or Facebook.