My travel to Dubai was truly beautiful and inspiring. I got to explore new places that really inspired me. I love the magic of travel, the excitement of packing my suitcase and going someplace new to explore!

Let’s take a minute and admire this gorgeous marble stairway with the rose gold accents at Tanya’s tea house. This place had a beautiful vibe with lush green plants and pretty framed pictures on the walls, I am now inspired to have framed pictures in my office with positive words and quotes!

The next place is Wild & Moon, a plant based cafe that has delicious choices. I had the best almond milk cold matcha and noodle salad here. I would recommend this place for anyone that loves healthy and fresh food. I loved all the indoor plants and the gorgeous counter. The minimal decor was inspiring and created a beautiful vibe.



La Mer was another gorgeous place and i loved walking around under the lights.




La Mer was so magical and beautiful i was in love with the beach huts, and the magical lights that covered the sky. Travelling to Dubai was truly beautiful as I got to see so many new places and also got to do my first travel video.