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I love Fitness so much and I have never had problems being motivated to go to the gym. For me it is a lifestyle, and I never feel like I am forcing myself to commit to a workout routine. The most important thing is to fall in love with your body and once you do that you will have no problems going to the gym! Working out makes me feel balanced, strong and you also look your best. I am naturally curvy and I do a lot of weights combined with plyometrics, kettlebells, trx and cardio. I change my routine every few weeks so my body is always challenged and I can see results. Being vegan has also helped me a lot and I have lost weight in the areas that I wanted to, so I would say eating healthy is the key to reaching your fitness goals. I always start my day with a green juice and a coconut milk porridge with lots of berries and seeds.

So what is the best way to stick to a routine at the gym? I would say always wake up early and keep your workout clothes ready the night before so it is the first thing you see in the morning! This is a good way to wake up with the right mindset. I usually wake up around 7.30 am and eat some breakfast, send some work emails and go to the gym around 10am. If you do not like going to the gym you can always do an outdoor workout at your local park, or even at home. I prefer the gym because no matter what the weather is like I know I won’t be missing my workouts. I train Four times a week and each workout focuses on different parts of the body.

My workout routine

Before every workout I start with a 5 min interval training warm up on the treadmill. Sometimes I warm up with a skipping rope, jump squats and burpee’s and I do them for two min each for two sets. I always end my workouts with some yoga stretches. My training sessions last between 45 min to 1 hour.


TUESDAY- Hiit and Glutes

WEDNESDAY- Total body workout

FRIDAY- Back, chest and abs


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I am wearing outfit by Elle Sport Items available on

Photography by Rebecca Botin