” The world waits in darkness for the light that is you. ” 

I am a firm believer in being a positive force in the world. The Light that resides in each of us is so powerful but most often dormant or misunderstood. We spend so much time finding faults in ourselves that our light has no space to shine.Each one of us is so special and here to make a difference in the world in our own unique way. So how do you shine your light in the world ? 

  •  Recognise the light:

The first step to shining your light is to recognise the light within you. The light within you is more that what you think you are good at or what past experiences you have had in your life. 

Notice when you are doing what you love or what really matters to you and notice how that feels within your body. When you do what you love it comes from your heart. Do more of the things that are connected to your heart and see how your life starts to change. 

  • See the light in your everyday life and have gratitude:

It is only by recognising the light around you that you can truly shine your own light. When I see what is wonderful about my life and I make a gratitude list everyday, I appreciate and love life that much more. This makes me feel amazing and happiness fills me. I appreciate everything more in this state of being. 

When you recognise that life is a gift, you start to view yourself as someone that is here to make the world beautiful with your presence and gifts, by simply sharing them with others. 

  •  Allow yourself to shine: 

You’re allowed to be brilliant. You’re allowed to let your light shine. The probability of you existing in the world is in itself a miracle. You are a miracle and everything about you is special. It is your birthright to be your amazing authentic self. So start today! 

Here is a poem i wrote Inspired by courage and authenticity:

Her love, 

Her courage. 

Her audacity to Believe, 

The way she transforms everything around her to Love. 
Like the sun, 
Her light penetrates through the clouds. 
And in her presence, 
You are Loved.


I hope after reading this you are inspired to boldly shine your light on the world and be your beautiful shiny self: allow yourself to be amazing, because you are!