I LOVE sharing beautiful brands with all of you, especially those Brands that I feel really connect to me because of their ethics and what they believe in. 

Today I am so excited to tell you all about Akind; A GORGEOUS Jewellery Brand based in Sweden which creates beautiful timeless designs. All their jewellery is created from sustainable and ethically sourced materials, and what really stands out for me is the exceptional high quality of their jewellery. I love jewellery that I can wear over and over again and all of Akind’s jewellery pieces are perfect! 


The Diamond Necklace 

I was so excited to receive their gorgeous Diamond Necklace : It is such a classic design made with 14k Gold and I am obsessed with how delicate and stunning it is! What’s really amazing is that all their jewellery is made from 100 % recycled gold which is not plated or filled. This means the Gold will never oxidise and the jewellery lasts forever. I’m all about buying jewellery that lasts forever especially because jewellery is an investment. Quality is so important when it comes to choosing to buy jewellery and I really feel this gorgeous necklace is perfect in every way. 

The Diamond Necklace features a 0.11 ct ethically grown lab-diamond and has exceptional clarity and quality. I can see myself wearing this necklace everyday and it would also be perfect to layer it with other necklaces. Classic and timeless pieces are always my go to when it comes to jewellery, and all the gorgeous pieces at Akind represent this. 


About AKind and what their Brand stands for

All of the stunning jewellery pieces from AKind are designed in-house in Stockholm; Sweden. I really feel that the classic and minimalistic designs really capture Scandinavian style perfectly. What really stands out for me is the QUALITY of their jewellery and this is clearly evident when you buy from this gorgeous brand. 

Just by browsing their website you can see the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every single piece of their jewellery. The jewellery is handcrafted in Andalucía, Spain, which is where their production is located. 

I’m really in awe of their style, quality and gorgeous details in every single one of their designs. 


Recycled Gold and Lab Grown Diamonds 

Another reason why I love Akind is because their jewellery will last forever as they are made using 100% recycled 14K solid gold. What’s really amazing about the recycled gold they use to create their gorgeous designs is that it is exceptionally high quality gold as it’s not plated or filled. Have you ever bought jewellery and the gold starts to fade as you wear it more and more? You won’t need to worry about that when you buy from Akind because their jewellery won’t oxidise or discolour, so you can keep the jewellery forever with the exact same quality of when you first purchased it. How amazing is that! All of the diamonds that Akind use are sustainably Lab Grown and I was so interested to read all about it on their website! It’s incredible because they are taking a stand against Environmental Pollution, Endangering Wildlife, Deforestation and Child Labor which are just some of the effects of mining diamonds. This really connects to my heart because I truly believe a brand can make such a huge difference in our world by setting a standard for doing things with compassion and care. Akind are incredible for being so innovative.

So how exactly are diamonds grown in a lab? High end technology is used to create diamonds in a lab that are identical to a diamond that comes from a mine. A small piece of carbon or pre-existing diamonds is cut and placed in a sealed and protected chamber which has the temperature set as high as the sun’s outer layer. The diamond grows into a rough diamond in about 6 to 12 weeks.

I love that Akind uses modern technology to create their diamonds in a lab instead of destroying our beautiful planet. 


Akind is committed to real change

I really admire Akind because they truly care about our planet and environment. Creating high quality and beautiful jewellery that is compassionate and created with love is what this Brand stands for. All the materials they use to create their stunning jewellery is sustainable and their designs are ethically produced. 

Even though they are not a 100% sustainable brand, they are always working towards reducing their carbon footprint. They make it a priority to consider the importance of helping preserve nature and our beautiful planet. 


Why I LOVE Akind 

 What really connects me to Akind is the powerful combination of : Exceptional quality, Fair Pricing, Ethical and Sustainable production; and Gorgeous jewellery that lasts forever. What is not to LOVE! I am a firm believer in investing in jewellery that I can wear forever. As someone that loves animals and our planet, I’m so happy to support this wonderful brand and I can’t wait to wear more of their gorgeous pieces and share them with all of you. I would highly recommend you to shop from AKind because you will fall in love with anything you choose to buy from this Amazing Brand. 

I would highly recommend you to  support Akind by following @wearekind on Instagram and browse their stunning website https://akindstore.com to see all their gorgeous jewellery!