“The name of my blog is something very personal to me. I believe ‘Love’ brings all things and people together and it is such a powerful force, when you do something with love it is always going to be something special.

“The word ‘Blossoms’ defines how beautiful nature is because blossoms on trees are so gorgeous! I love flowers and the simplicity and uniqueness each one represents.”

Love And Blossoms is inspired by Love for all animals and our planet, and how that can reflect in our fashion choices. 

This is a place where I share beautiful cruelty free fashion and also wear clothes from my own Brands IRYA and The Cherry Blossom Closet. 

I want to inspire others to be compassionate in their choices because Love, Kindness and Empathy are the most beautiful qualities of a human being. The world really needs more of it! 

Love And Blossoms Fashion