Hello my beauties!

I have been crazy busy as usual and very grateful for the time at the gym and with friends! I think it is so important to have time for yourself no matter how busy your day is. It is the one thing that helps me connect with myself and really feel like I am listening to and understanding my my thoughts throughout the day. Our minds can become overloaded sometimes with routine so I always appreciate the time i get for myself. I did spend some of this time shopping trying to find some transitional pieces for Autumn. I will be sharing these with you over the next few weeks as I have planned some pretty outfit photos.

I never thought I would say i love the colour mustard yellow! I do love my bright pinks and red’s from time to time but mustard yellow? This Zara dress helped changed my mind. I love how the frilly details really compliment this shade of yellow. It looks gorgeous and feminine! I am wearing a Balmain blazer, and zara shoes. These shoes are my new obsession and I was looking everywhere for a pair like these that were vegan, so i was beyond happy when I found my size at Zara.

I hope you love this look! I will be sharing some beautiful new looks soon.










Photography by Rebecca Spencer