Make Yourself Proud

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Hello beauties!

I have been thinking so much about my dreams, these thoughts I have are the greatest inspiration for me to be the best version of myself. Without inspiration we would all have nothing to work towards, and nothing that we truly love to do. So the question comes to mind – How do i make myself proud ? Since I have been blogging for a year now, I am going to share some tips that have really helped me stay focused and made it easier for me to achieve my dreams one step at a time.


How you start your day is everything! For me waking up early around 7 am works best. I wake up and always read my positive affirmations with a cup of vanilla soy coffee and remind myself of my what I really want in my life. I always eat breakfast, a fresh green or carrot juice and go to the gym after that. I feel like working out in the morning really helps my mind stay focused and my body feels strong. My body is so much more toned after working out these past few years and seeing results from training only makes me that much more confidant. When you are confidant in your body and mind there are really no limits. Anything is possible with confidence and self love. You do not need to workout everyday, I train four days a week for about an hour and half each time.

Writing down your schedule for the day and week is something I swear by. It is so important to be organised and know what you need to complete on the day, this could be anything from blog posts, outfit photos, replying to collaboration emails, and organising your office. When I write my tasks for the day it helps me stay focused and inspired to complete it on the day and I never leave it for the following day. This simple step encourages you to be more disciplined and organised towards your work.

Make a vision board and keep it somewhere where you can see it several times a day. This really helps me visualise all the things i want and constantly looking at these visuals makes me work harder towards my dreams. You can get pictures from magazines, or from Pinterest and stick them all up with some inspiring words and quotes.

Do not let people bring you down. The people you surround yourself with have to be good people that appreciate and love you. You deserve only the best so if you have friends or a boyfriend that is not supportive and is giving you their negative energy it is time to rethink if these are really the kind of people you need in your life. When you are building a business, or you are a full time Fashion/ Travel/ Beauty Blogger you need to be mentally happy to do your best work and to be able to create content that will get you recognised. You cannot do your best with negative people around.

Take one or two days off in the week. For me it is usually Sunday but sometimes Saturday too! I take this time away to recharge my mind, and this way I can start my week feeling more inspired and happy. Take this time to meet friends, or watch movies, go to a spa , or go away for the weekend with your boyfriend. It is so important to not let your work take over your life because you always want to be in love with what you do and maintain a healthy balance of your work and personal life.

Eat better and you will feel you best. Being vegan my diet is so healthy and my day feels incomplete without my green juices and home cooked meals. I understand not everyone loves to eat healthy but making small changes to your diet can make you happier, and have a positive impact on your mind. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables makes my skin and hair so healthy, and it is also a way of showing love and respect to your body. When you feel your best, you will do your best.

I hope these tips help you! Lots of love xoxo


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I am wearing Zara top and Forever Modo bottoms.

Photography by Rebecca Botin

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