I am so pleased that the weather in London has been so beautiful this week and we are already in the month of October. I am making the most of it before autumn finally sets in. This outfit for me is inspired by the last days of summer….and I am so excited to tell you that the Off Shoulder Top and the Pleated Pink Chiffon Skirt are my designs and will be available to buy soon. The production is still at the sampling stages and will take a few weeks but I feel so blessed to be able to design my first collection and share it with all of you.

 The tie up heels are the perfect addition to this look and i am wearing sunglasses from ASOS.







   Photos by Bobi



  1. WOW!!!! such stunning outfit and it is so simple and dreamy! I can’t wait to get my hands on this outfit! You are getting better by the week! These picture are sublime!!

  2. Alina Storson

    As a new follower of your Instagram and your blog, may I just say that I am so inspired and in complete awe of your style and pictures! You make everything look so effortless and natural. I can’t wait to buy this outfit and I can’t wait to see your next post! So beautiful! Have no words!xxxx

  3. Beautiful design! Very natural and love the color scheme. All the very best Sruti. Can’t wait to buy your outfits:)

  4. I absolutely am in love with the skirt! I also like the shoes, they’re so cute!

  5. I had no idea you are going to design your own collection! This look is so pretty and feminine would love to have a look when your online shop is set up. Love the pictures you look beautiful. Would love to buy from your shop!

  6. Love the top so much. I will message you. Do let me know when it will be going on sale as I would love to buy it.

  7. Pretty summer look. The shoes look amazing must have a look on Topshop and see if they still have them in stock.

  8. I love your blog. The outfits keep getting better and your style is so simple and yet stylish Good luck wiht everything and can’t wait for your online shop.

  9. This is just the perfect style I would like to have. You really have a good sense of taste. I can’t wait to see your online shop . I would definitely be a fan! Lots of Love

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