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The Universe loves a believer


The universe loves a believer. 

You must be your biggest fan. You need to believe you can do anything so that others will believe you too. The key is to be true to yourself, to be true to the very best that is in you, and to live your life consistent with your highest values and aspirations. This approach has completely changed the person i have become as a result of this attitude. I have learnt to have faith. 

Faith is about believing even when you can’t see it

More than just thinking positive, you have to put it into action. Action is the key to developing self-belief. It’s one thing to learn to think positive, but when you start acting on it, you change yourself.You are what you do, and so if you change what you do, you change what you are.

Empowering yourself is one of the best strategies for building self-belief. I use the audible app to listen to audio books that helps me learn and grow my mindset. i am also obsessed with books that motivate and inspire me. Surrounding myself with positive books and words help me believe in myself. Knowledge is power!  

A queen in GREEN

This season the velvet trend gets a colourful upgrade and my favourite is this shade of green.  

The velvet dress is your perfect pick if you want to look chic and elegant. I have styled this dress with a pair of simple black heels for a sophisticated minimalist look. 

A velvet dress is a piece to have in your wardrobe all year round. Who would’ve guessed that this fabric would become a necessary part of our wardrobe? But when you think about it, velvet is lush and beautiful. I felt like a queen wearing this dress! I also love the gold hoop earrings as a minimal addition to this look. Gold accessories really compliment this shade of green.



Keeping it simple

What do we wear on the days when you don’t want to put too much thought into your outfits? Or you are simply in a hurry. Co-ords are the perfect thing to wear on such days. They are a wardrobe savior and can save you the time it takes to plan your outfits.

Often a co-ord set ends up costing  more than a one piece. I would recommend buying co-ords that not only work well together but also styles that can be worn separately with other pieces in your wardrobe. This way you get the most of the money you spend buying them!


I love a classic red and black outfit.The combination is simple yet powerful with the colour red representing life, fire and love, combined with black’s dark grounding force. With this look i was inspired by simplicity. A pair of fitted black jeans are a wardrobe essential and i wear them in every season from spring to winter. This red top is a trend that has made a come back from the 90’s. Who doesn’t love the 90’s ? Boy bands, crop tops and co-ords! I wish i still had all my clothes from back then.

To complete the look i added a red lip. I love a neutral lip but sometimes its fun to add some colour.

The three changes I made for the better

When you look at a butterfly you can see that change is a beautiful thing. You can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful. I have made some changes to my routine recently that have really transformed my life.

Making a TO DO list every morning

This has really helped me organise my time better and make the most of my day. I put the most important task on top of my list followed by the rest. This is a great discipline to have everyday and I wish I had started earlier. This way I never fall behind on my blog and work. it is definitely worth adding to your daily routine,

Embracing my inner child and life purpose

Do you remember what you loved to do as a kid before anyone told you what or who you should be ? For me it was painting, helping animals, being creative and travelling. I embraced all of this and my life has completely changed. Love and blossoms foundation was established early this year and it offers painting classes for kids and helps feed the stray dogs in Delhi, India. This really connected me to my true self and purpose in life. There is so much fulfilment in being true to yourself. I have travelled to India, Dubai and Bali this year and it has been a beautiful experience. I have helped dogs in every place that I’ve visited and just being of service and making a difference has filled my heart with so much love. Collecting these moments has made me love and appreciate life so much more.

Practicing self love everyday

If you do not love yourself and believe you are worthy of amazing things you will never make your dreams come true. Self love is where it all starts and i look in the mirror every single day and say these affirmations to remind myself and fill myself up with only beautiful and uplifting thoughts about myself :

I radiate beauty and power

I love myself unconditionally

i am capable of amazing things

I am the best

Saying these powerful words have really shifted my old thinking patterns about myself. Try these three life changing tips and tell me what you think!


Sruti xoxo





Radiate Self Love

What defines self love?

Since social media took over the world every woman has been comparing herself to someone else or looking in the mirror and seeing flaws rather than seeing their beauty. I have done this to myself at some point too but the true power lies in being our authentic self. Why chase perfection when it does not exist. When you show your vulnerabilities people really connect with you on a deeper level – beyond all the surface stuff. True beauty is skin deep. Here is my definition of self love :

Self love means to honour your values. Every decision you make should reflect the love you have for yourself. When you look in the mirror you should love what you see but beyond your physical appearance. Let us show ourselves self love today and every day!


Sruti xoxo

The Beauty of Self Confidence

It took me a long time to understand the importance of self confidence. In the past I’ve struggled with loving myself and never believed i was capable of amazing things. I let external experiences shape my thoughts. I am sure so many of you can relate to this type of thought pattern. All this changed for me when i realised that there is just one ME in the whole universe. This means everything about me – my hair, my eyes, the way i express my love for nature and animals, the way i smile, my voice, my style, every single things about me are all so damn beautiful! To anyone who is reading this – YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

I Took all the self doubt i had and turned it into POWER. Now as part of my daily routine i fill myself with beautiful and empowering words and this has completely changed how i feel about myself. Here are some of the affirmations that really help me stay confident every single day :

  • I am confident in myself and my abilities
  • I have the power to do the most incredible things
  • i am in charge of my life
  • i love myself
  • i am successful in everything that i do
  • i am a unique blend of power and love

Self confidence has changed my life completely. i started to attract beautiful opportunities and there was a huge energy shift once i started to really love and believe in myself. Embracing all my qualities and knowing each one is special and beautiful has made me love myself unconditionally. Just be yourself. Let people see the real. beautiful, magical, powerful person that you are



In My Element

I am so happy to have spent my morning with the beautiful dogs of 38smiles, A Dubai based animal rescue that facilitates the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of less fortunate dogs and cats.
Their main aim is to help the strays of today become the pets of tomorrow. I love animals this has been the inspiration behind my cruelty free fashion blog Love And Blossoms and I will always continue to inspire others to Love from their heart and give back because the world needs it more than ever.
To adopt, get involved or simply help please follow @38smiles on Facebook and Instagram

Photos taken by Vikki Hawkins


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